A unique combination of beauty and functionality, all born out of pure necessity.

How It Works


Glimpse's smart homepage detects what matters to you and gathers everything in one place, allowing you to get a "Glimpse" of what's happening in your school right away.


For many high schoolers, staying caught up on school sports is imperative to the high school experience. The scoreboard brings the action of the game right to your device.


As part of our commitment to partner with schools instead of just selling to them, Glimpse includes a native advertising platform that allows the school to generate revenue from local businesses.


Under the hood of the powerful and flexible social media engine lies an even more robust administrative platform that allows school officials to take swift action on all content, as well as viewing metrics across the platform.

The App

Glimpse is an innovative iOS application that allows high school administrators access to their students directly from their smart phones - Under the hood of the inventive in-house social media engine lies a powerful admin portal. It's a win-win: Students stay connected to the moments they value most, and administrators get to make sure that those moments fall in line with the school's vision.

The idea didn't come out of nowhere. Instead, it was born out of a dire need for connection between high school students and administrators. We saw this clearly at many high schools in the area, and took swift action. The result? A powerful, multi-faceted iOS app that can handle any type of school.

Our Process

When we first came up with the idea for Glimpse, we sat down and did a lot of talking with high school students. We wanted to build a product that was functional, but felt real to the person who would be using it. The end result turned out even better than we could have hoped. In working backwards and talking with our users first, we effectively cut out the guess work. Instead, we jumped right into building.
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