Our Beliefs

Our Philosophy

At 162, we work with a single idea in mind: we do not stop looking. We do not stop looking for problems; we do not stop looking for solutions; we do not stop looking for ways to improve. And we do not stop looking for you. We strive to understand you and your product so we can bring your visions and goals to life. Work that matters is important to us, and this shows in the brands and platforms we create for our clients. By never ceasing to attack the unknown, we cement ourselves as creative, dedicated industry innovators.

Our Mission

We know that great results come from great ideas, and there are too many unheard ideas in the world. That’s why 162 supports young entrepreneurs and businesses; because we know ideas can change the world. We work with The Dev Shop Incubator Program to give young entrepreneurs and start-ups a voice and a platform for their ideas.

We're an innovative digital and creative agency focusing on different markets with unique clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to work across a variety of platforms to produce beautiful results.

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